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Acknowledging and embracing one's true heritage and spirituality,

a vision was born. Molded by the bright and open mind of a visionary,

who truly values her origins, 2Blak has been carefully built from the

ground up over the course of four years.Miala has always been pulled the opposite of everything, if she was told to go left she went right, the very intuitive child who no one understood, the one who was humble enough to play barefoot outside, but still have her nose in the clouds day dreaming,She has always had vivid dreams and intense intuition.just imply understanding things an seeing things in a way others could not.'i remember being young and hearing spirits and seeing them but because of westernized religion was always scared to speak on it which made me scared of them all together' i would literally pray them away along with the vivid dreams i didn't understand and it followed me into my adulthood to the point where i had no dreams at all.can you imagine? As i got older i realized that what i shunned away was a gift that i VERY much needed.i had dabbled in different religions blindly wandering and feeling very empty.I took a dream about my daughter and our past life together that brought me back into alignment with who i was, from that point on i haven't looked back since. The name was birthed from an

unfortunate situation where Miala was told her hair was “too black” to

be worn in a workplace. Offended and yet inspired by the situation,

Miala being no stranger to entrepreneurship decided to turn lemons

into chocolate cake. The business started off as something small,

selling only authentic nigerian fabric as headwraps, we sold at different

pop up shops, online and had a small space in yellow green market in

Miami FL. Being a licensed cosmetologist Miala decided to open a salon

that catered to natural hair. The business began to grow even more

with the help of the storefront and the social media following. At the

same time Miala’s business was growing, so was her spirituality, Miala

became a licensed doula and under created 2BlakOMO(Baby in

Nigerian) and then created 2blakARA(Body in Nigerian) which sold

waist beads and other African inspired jewelry.

Miala also became a student to ancient traditional medicine, and folk magic,

sitting at the feet of haitian elders, African Ameican spirtualist and

modern day “witches” and becoming student into Hatian voodoo, she

decided to dedicate herself to this spiritual path she was on by

even putting a strong music and modeling career on hold to focus on

something she felt was bigger and combine 2Blak all into one and bring

it all under one roof. Now with multiple branches growing from the

2Blak tree and thriving online interaction Miala decided to move to New Orleans after a dream of her ancestral roots that come form Louisiana. 

We are now living in a time with a demand of people

starting to embark on different spiritual journeys and we are aiming to

attract those like minded people to be apart of the 2blak family, to help people on their personal spiritual paths in whatever way that looks like for the individual.

With a sound mind, and a healthy amount of

resources 2Blak&Co. is expected to continue to blossom plentiful.

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